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Take a look at our varying activities to see what we can offer your child.

Educational Field Trips & Hands on Activities

Coastal Learning Center Atlantic understands the importance of integrating educational field trips and hands on activities into the student’s education. Our students participate in educational field trips and hands on activities to enhance their understanding of what is taught in the classroom. This allows the student to understand how what they learn is important to daily life. Some of the activities include:



Food Production

Educational Projects

Monthly Field Trips

Therapeutic Environment & Counseling Highlights

Coastal Learning Center Atlantic believes that students achieve their potential when they are in a structured environment that allows them to work through their difficulties with a trained counselor. We accomplish this by providing a therapeutic environment which includes:

Behavior Management – Point/Level System

Individual Client Focused Counseling

LCSW and MSW Counselors

In-Home Visits – Attendance, School Behavior

Transitional / Vocational Services

Structured Learning Experience & Independent Living

Coastal Learning Center's Structured Learning Experience is designed specifically for 16-21 year old students. This program provides the student with information and opportunities such as participating in activities within the community to develop and refine skills for entry level employment.

Structured Learning Experience

Paid & unpaid work experience

Real life entry level work in supermarkets, retail, food service, medical facilities, and grounds.

Supervised by certified staff

Independent Living Highlights

Real life community experiences

Public Transportation

Building Social Skills

Career Exploration





Coastal Learning Center Atlantic offers Short Term Educational Placement for Special Education and General Education students ages 5-21. This program provides education and counseling services for students who require a temporary educational placement.

Academic Program Highlights

Individualized Academics taught by highly qualified teachers

Scholastic Read 180 Reading Program

Small Student to Staff Ratio

Small Group & Individual Instruction

Career Educational & Life Skills

Food Service Education

Business & Computer Education

Art Education

Structured Learned Experience (SLE)

Related Services

Speech & Language Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Psychiatric Services

Medical & Nursing Services


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